Should I cleanse to lose weight?

Apr 19, 2017
Beautiful skin, optimal digestion, unlimited energy... the list goes on. Cleansing is all the rage. Among other outrageous (if convincing) claims,...

Fashion Week in Review

Mar 21, 2017
Fashion can seem exclusive and elitist—and sometimes it is—so how does a girl stay on-trend? Stylist Ashely Borders filed this report from New York...

Is Dark Chocolate Good for Weight Loss?

Feb 14, 2017
The only chocolate that’s recommended as part of the OurSkinny weight loss program is the delicious chocolate in our shakes and bars. With that said,...

The Skinny on Coffee and Weight Loss

Jan 18, 2017
Millions of Americans begin each day with a cup of coffee, and most of us (75%) are addicted. Whether for caffeine or comfort, coffee is just too...

How to Lose Weight in Winter

Jan 01, 2017
There is a  healthy ongoing debate about whether or not we are programmed to gain weight in the winter, but no matter your New Year's resolution for...

Holiday Fashion 2016

Dec 12, 2016
You've got holiday parties to attend and EVERYONE is looking forward to New Year’s Eve and a fresh start for 2017. You could spend the next two weeks...

Holiday Weight Loss and the Holiday Meal

Nov 24, 2016
When temptation abounds - what with Thanksgiving, leftovers, holiday parties, Christmas and New Year's celebrations - there is one very simple way to...

Beware the Most Popular Coffee Drinks

Nov 17, 2016
As temperatures drop and we drift into winter, a cozy coffee shop beckons. It may seem a safe place to hibernate for a few minutes or an hour, but...

American Diabetes Month

Nov 07, 2016
Every year in November, the American Diabetes Association and health care providers nationwide pause in order to draw attention to what has become a...

Treats are Tricky | Avoid Trigger Foods

Oct 24, 2016
You survived Halloween, but your favorite trigger foods seem to be everywhere you turn this time of year. Give in to bad habits, and the results will...

One Way to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Oct 21, 2016
These days, the color pink is as much a part of October as Disney princesses, cowboys, and candy corn. And twenty-five years after we turned October...

What's the Best Sugar Substitute?

Sep 12, 2016
One of my favorite questions – and I hear it frequently in my practice, at meetings, in social settings, at the beach, on vacation, and when I run...

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Sep 05, 2016
Don't assume your cholesterol is normal just because you exercise and make healthy choices with regard to your diet. Genetics are a huge indicator of...

Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

Aug 29, 2016
A good night's rest can improve both mood and productivity and actually allows your body to release important hormones that improve cardiovascular...

Chia Seeds for Weight Loss?

Aug 22, 2016
I have had a lot of patients ask me about chia seeds. Yes, the chia seeds you will find in your health food store or grocery store are also from the...

Cheese and Weight Loss

Aug 16, 2016
Cheese has a bad reputation for contributing to weight gain and, yes, if you are ordering chips and queso, you are adding a ton of excess calories...

Health Benefits of Chicken

Aug 09, 2016
"Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" was heard in Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s, back when the most common wager was $2. As it turns out, most of the...

The Benefits of Eating Organic

Aug 04, 2016
Organic foods are trendy, and there are both personal or environmental reasons for buying them. A recent study by Stanford University, however,...

Enjoy Bell Pepper Nutrition

Aug 01, 2016
Have you ever wondered why everything seems to have peppers in it? It’s because they are the belle of the vegetable ball. Peppers add color and...

8 Tips for Weight Maintenance

Jul 18, 2016
When Savannah Magazine called looking for some tips on weight loss and fitness, I polled my team of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, and...

Get the Skinny on Tomato Nutrition

Jun 20, 2016
Nothing screams “summer” so much as a juicy vine-ripened tomato. Tomatos are delicious, full of good nutrition, extremely versatile, easy to grow,...

Healthy Eating Out in America

Jun 15, 2016
For many Americans, eating out is something we do nearly every day. We don’t even think about it - since we don’t have time to think about it - and...

Health Benefits of Beets

Jun 06, 2016
A couple of years ago, you couldn’t turn left without running into a salad topped with beets and maybe a little crumbled feta. There was a good...

Cauliflower Nutrition and Weight Loss

May 24, 2016
Cauliflower is thought to have evolved from wild cabbage found in ancient Asia Minor. In the beginning, it probably looked more like kale or collard...

Health Benefits of Zucchini

May 16, 2016
Zucchini is one of nature's most versatile vegetables. Gardeners love it, because it grows well without much fuss. The health benefits of zucchini...

Health Benefits of Spinach

May 10, 2016
  As we head into May, it might be a great time to pump some iron into your diet by heading over your local farmer’s market and grabbing some fresh...

Broccoli and Weight Loss

May 02, 2016
Broccoli is a natural superfood, and you get all it has to offer for just about 50 calories per cup. There is lots of research confirming the health...

Asparagus Nutrition and Weight Loss

Apr 25, 2016
When fresh asparagus starts appearing at the farmer’s market, you know that spring is about to pop. It is often thought of as a luxury, and it can be...

About Paleo Diet Weight Loss

Apr 12, 2016
The Paleo or "Caveman" diet is one of the hottest diets out there and also one of the most polarizing. It is true that our ancient ancestors weren't...

A Low Sodium Diet Plan and Weight Loss

Apr 01, 2016
Yes, a low sodium diet can drive weight loss, but not for the reasons you think. Sodium is essential to human life, and even if it's developed...

Whole Fruits for Weight Loss

Mar 18, 2016
Our challenge—the challenge facing most anyone who wants to lose weight—is to keep carbs (and sugars) low, while ensuring a healthy, well-balanced...

Health Benefits of Antioxidants

Feb 26, 2016
A regular diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can do more than just help you lose weight. You may have heard that the antioxidants found in...

Easy Closet Makeover Tips

Feb 22, 2016
Every day we are given the opportunity to start over and to let go of the things that hold us back. One way to start that process is to have a look...

Is the Green Coffee Diet Safe?

Feb 09, 2016
As healthcare professional, I worry about safety and drug interactions whenever a new weight loss supplement hits the shelves. I try and do my best...

Our Healthy Drive Thru Menu

Feb 08, 2016
Making healthy choices at your favorite fast food restaurant can be very difficult. Some of the “healthy” options are loaded with added sugar and...

Best Foods for Skin Health

Jan 25, 2016
Our skin takes a beating. If it's not the summer sun (SPF everyday!), it is the chap of winter's dry, freezing-cold wind. The good news is that...

Start the Year with a Healthy Kitchen

Jan 04, 2016
There are plenty of things you can do to avoid vacation weight gain. And we have shared some suggestions for healthy road trip snacks for whenever if...

Holiday Party Fashion

Dec 07, 2015
The last thing you should be doing this time of year is stressing about what to wear. OurSkinny reached out to our favorite stylist, Ashley Borders,...

Be Present | Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Nov 23, 2015
The holiday season brings time off and time with family and friends. That's the good news... But for a nation struggling with an obesity epidemic and...

A Weight Loss Program for Women Who Work

Nov 23, 2015
Leigh Demby had tried both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and endured a gastric bypass, but she never found a weight loss program for women who...

Is Eating a Gluten Free Diet Healthy?

Nov 09, 2015
There is a lot of hype about gluten-free diets these days. You probably know someone who has given up gluten for one reason or another. Perhaps you...

How to Lose Weight at Work

Nov 03, 2015
Even when you greet Monday morning with the best of intentions, if you work at a desk, temptation abounds. OurSkinny is here with some advice for how...

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Oct 26, 2015
The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling off, and we are on the brink of Halloween.

Susan's Tips for Weight Loss After 60

Oct 22, 2015
Susan Williamson loves friends and family, and she loves food. (“I love popcorn and champagne together,” she says. “Fabulous.”) She found that the...

OurSkinny's Squash Pasta Recipes

Oct 20, 2015
Remember the low-fat diet? Just a few years ago pasta was considered a go-to for those of us trying to make healthy choices. These days doctors are...

Carrie Jean's Tips For Losing Weight

Sep 22, 2015
Carrie Jane Williamson she grew up in the South and she’s a great cook, but when her doctor told her she had high blood pressure she determined to...

Goji Berries Nutrition and Weight Loss

Sep 19, 2015
One byproduct of an increasingly global economy (not to mention the Internet) has been the continuing discovery of nutritional gold in "superfoods"...

Stylist Advice for Real Women

Sep 17, 2015
We all know that the average woman isn’t a size four—not even close—and you don’t need to be a size two to look fabulous. The good news is that, more...

Eat a Healthy Quick Breakfast to Lose Weight

Sep 15, 2015
We all know that breakfast is important for school-aged children, but we sometimes forget that it is just as important for adults to start the day...

School Lunch Nutrition

Sep 07, 2015
In a world where pizza sauce counts as a vegetable, our school-aged children are getting fat. According to the CDC, the incidence of childhood...

Ashley's 5 Tips to Lose 30 Pounds

Aug 27, 2015
Ashley Bashlor is a working mom, and somewhere in between long days at the office, meetings, carpool, baseball practice, shopping, and everything...

The Anytime Workout for Weight Loss

Aug 10, 2015
Sometimes it's hard to know whether you are coming are going. The good news is that you can get a full body workout for weight loss just about...

Watch Out for Liquid Calories

Jul 27, 2015
Are liquid calories sabotaging your weight loss efforts? According to one study, 21% of the calories we consume come from beverages and the average...

Hark! The Health Benefits of Kale

Jul 14, 2015
Did you run out and buy the new cookbook Fifty Shades of Kale yet? Ordered a cocktail made with kale? Too much of anything – even something as...

Weight Loss, Fiber and Constipation

Jul 13, 2015
If you are on any sort of weight loss program, you may have heard this before: "While most people will get adequate amounts of fiber, some choose to...

Milk and Non Dairy Milk Alternatives

May 19, 2015
In the 1980s we were told that, "Milk, it does a body good." For the past twenty years, a signature milk-mustache offered the reminder, "Got Milk?"...

The Egg White Diet and Weight Loss

Apr 20, 2015
For years, Doctors raised concerns about eating eggs, mostly because of concerns over cholesterol, but the truth is that eggs are one of the most...

Find Your Target Heart Rate to Lose Weight

Feb 16, 2015
It takes a lot of effort to get to the gym, so you might as well make the most of your time there. The key is to find your target heart rate, which...
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